The Cherufe were a group of Capecchi native to Konstantinos

The founding members of the Cherufe needed to survive a largely volcanic world. As a result they designed their bodies to endure extreme temperature changes, creating their somewhat 'rocky' appearance.

Cherufe are known for their sour dispostion and normally keep to themselves but family units are both very close and isolated. Monogamous relationships are unheard of to the Cherufe, individual Cherufe only meet once a year to a mating season. Mothers raise the resulting children, fathers provide to local resource caches (food and crafts) for all the local children. Interaction between the two parties and the resulting children is non-existant outside the Cherufe mating season and most Cherufe only recognize their mother as their parent, any male of reproductive age is called a 'donor' and holds no legal right to the children.  

Named for the mythical Cherufe of the Mapuche mythology.  

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