The RMS Eliza Hendricks was a Ptolemy-class heavy cruiser of the Manhattan Republic Navy.


In 3067 the craft was constructed and launched from the Canarsie Shipyard, part of the Brooklyn Naval Yards.

In 3071 the vessel was under command of Captain Mary McNair.

It was part of the Johor Blockade, part of Operation Dessinger under command of Fleet Admiral David Triana. Triana ordered the Hendricks to destroy the envoy of Ambassador Myna Tallman, her transport the RMTS Starfire of New York and its escorting destroyers, the RMS Nautilus and RMS Shu Shen, to prevent them from breaking the blockade of Singapore

McNair refused and was removed from command by her XO, Commander Phineas Seymour, who proceeded to destroy all three ships. 

Technical DataEdit

A Ptolemy-class heavy cruiser carried a standard complement of 870 persons, though could be operated by a skeleton crew of 120.

At full combat thrust in normal space, it could achieve a maximum sub-light speed of 510,000,000 km/h.

At full FTL speeds in split space, it could achieve 37,843,000,000,000 km/d, around 4-light years distance crossed per day. Unlike previous classes, the Ptolemy Gravitational Pulse Engine could go 40-light years without requiring a plasma discharge of her grav, twice as long when compared to the older Century-class combat cruisers.

Known CrewmembersEdit

Commanding OfficerEdit

Senior OfficersEdit

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